If you want to improve finger strength, choosing the right finger exercises and performing them correctly are essential.

Your hands are a very important part of your body and daily life activities. Of course, fingers in particular are fundamental in gripping and holding things. Many people in the sports fields, such as rock climbers and even sumo wrestlers, want to improve finger strength simply because they know having great finger strength and dexterity means the difference between winning and losing and/or the difference between life or death situations.

Various methods can help you improve finger strength.

Here’s 3 finger strengthening exercises:

1.) Tennis Ball Squeezing: this is one of the most popular tools used in the strengthening of the fingers in the body because you easily carry a tennis ball with you when you travel, and they’re easy to obtain

a tennis ball

Tennis Ball Finger Strength Exercise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

just about anywhere. The tennis ball squeezing exercise is very good not only for strengthening your fingers and hands but also for relieving everyday tension and anxiety, according to some experts.

I like to squeeze the tennis ball hard in sets of 30 or so reps, holding the contraction for 1-3 seconds. I also concentrate on relaxing the fingers as quickly as possible after the contraction phase. This is a special skill that’s important to learn because quickly relaxing after extreme tension is essential for finger dexterity and endurance.

2.) Finger Strength Exercises with a Towel: This is another form of finger strengthening exercise that I quite like to utilize, especially when I’m on the road concertizing. I loop the towel around a door handle and begin doing back lat pulls, leaning away from the door with one hand gripping both ends of the towel. I also twist my body in different angles on each rep so that I’m developing more functional strength that I might encounter on the sports field or combat arena.

This towel exercise is a great way to improve finger strength and wrist mobility if done correctly.

3.) Finger Exercises with Thick Barbells: Thick barbells may be more rare to find but they are also an advisable method to rapidly improve finger strength. These bars help to improve finger strength due to their wide diameter.

A rendering of a barbell

Get Finger Strength by lifting thick barbells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s just a few of many that can help you increase finger strength and dexterity. If you’d like to discover the best methods that concert pianists, musicians, sculptors, painters, rock climbers, martial artist, and strongmen use to develop incredible finger strength and dexterity, click here to find out their finger strength secrets.

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