About Garin Bader


Garin Bader concert pianist and master illusionist

Garin Bader is an award-winning concert pianist, master magician, mixed martial artist, strength trainer, kettlebell instructor, author, illustrator, and sculptor. Having mastered many arts and skills has led many to call him a modern-day Renaissance man.

He is the winner and Gold Medalist of over a dozen piano and magic competitions including the Gold Medal of the International Frederic Chopin Competition of New York and Artists International Young Musicians Auditions and has thrilled audiences worldwide from Carnegie Hall to the London Palladium and from the famed Hollywood Magic Castle to World’s Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas.

He is known for his mastery and virtuosity in many disciplines and shares his vast knowledge in his DVD strength training programs and videos.

He created is unique and comprehensive finger exercises course, Garin Bader’s Finger Gymnastics, after searching and experimenting with the best of the best exercises that would bring the quickest hand strength, finger dexterity, and finger strength in the shortest amount of time — while keeping his diverse virtuoso skills at optimal peak performance year-round.

His finger therapy course includes many preventative carpel tunnel exercises that has helped him keep injury free throughout his entire career.

His diverse background has given him unique insights into how many diverse disciplines and skills interrelate. He reveals many of these in his extraordinary superhuman strength accelerant CoreForce Energy dvd system, seminars, and private coaching sessions. The unique mind body connection techniques that he employs in CoreForce Energy dramatically increases your strength, speed, flexibility, and mental focus for optimal peak performance by fusing together the mind and body in unique ways.

Garin travels throughout the world with his internationally acclaimed show, “Garin Bader’s Musical Magic”, combining music, magic illusions, martial arts, dancing, and storytelling. In addition to special solo piano concert appearances in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the US and Europe, Garin also performs with symphony orchestras. Read and see more about Garin Bader’s “Musical Magic”.


What others say about Garin Bader

 “Garin Bader is a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci. I have never met anyone who has mastered so many things. From music to magic to martial arts, fitness, mind power, drawing and more – the guy is a phenom that we can and should learn from.“~ Matt Furey author of Combat Conditioning www.mattfurey.com

 “Only a select few have earned the title of Virtuoso Pianist, even fewer have earned the title of Master Illusionist. To speak of a man who holds both titles is to speak of one special artist…Garin Bader.”- JD Buckwell

Creative Consultant

“A true Renaissance Artist”

~ New York Daily News

“Garin Bader is Great!”

~ Roger Williams Internationally recognized pianist and recording star

“…a unique combination of consummate ability in both music and magic…an extraordinary event! His magic and music captivates young and older audiences alike.”

~ James Alvarev NBC TV