Doing the right finger exercises is one of the most important things for any musician or peak performance athlete of any kind is to develop powerful finger strength all the way down to the fingernails.

Of course, there’s a lot of finger exercises that you’ll see people doing. But, not only do many of these be very dangerous and develop carpal tunnel but they don’t necessarily enable you to develop the kind of strength and dexterity is important to become a virtuoso in any field.

If some of you are wondering what a virtuoso is. The dictionary defines it as “a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit”. However, it is come to mean the virtuoso is an unprecedented master in his craft.

If You Want to Become a Virtuoso, Here’s the Finger Exercises You Should Do

I spent a lifetime in the pursuit of trying to be a virtuoso in many fields. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m in international award-winning concert pianist, Master magician, martial artist, strength trainer, and creator of the super strength and speed accelerator — CoreForce Energy.

This is why I can to you quite honestly what finger exercises are a complete waste of time and and to stay away from the finger exercises I can downright injure your hands quickly.

In my comprehensive finger strengthening and hand exercises course, you get the very best of the best exercises that I personally use when I travel throughout the world doing concert tours some of the finest theaters in the world.

Hand Exercise Don’t Have To Be Boring…

These are fun and addictive exercises that will give you finger strength and finger dexterity always down to your fingernails. This is very important because most hand exercises do not give you fingertip strength and whether you’re a peek performance athlete, artist, or musician, it’s important to have this distinct quality.

In addition to being able to do two finger extended push-ups — all of Bruce Lee, you can see my promotional video that I walk the talk in many areas (you can do that on my About Page). I’m not saying this to boast. I’m saying this so you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the finger exercises I’ve created for you are not only what I use myself to create virtuosity are the best of the best thing for strengthening and finger dexterity exercises I found through my extensive years of experimentation and many failures.

Can You Afford To Be Injured Doing the Wrong Finger Exercises?

I make my living with my hands, I can’t afford to do some of the silly exercises you see and injure my hands in any kind of way — because for me, no work means no pay. I have never missed a performance in my entire career to do any hand or finger injuries and I want to keep it that way. Just as important, I want to keep you injury free as well.

These hand exercises will give you quick finger strength and lightning fast dexterity quickly.

Zip over now to get my comprehensive hand exercise and finger exercise course before the price goes back up to the beginning of the New Year.

To your hand strength and virtuosity,
Garin Bader